'Creating Memories to Last a Lifetime'
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Everyone’s photogenic – trust me!

VOTED No. 1 Portrait Photographer in N. Ireland at the 2024 PPANI Annual Awards.

2024 PPANI Portrait Photographer of The Year.

2024 PPANI Open Portrait Photographer of The Year.

If you’re looking for a sensational portrait you’ve come to the right place!!


Cherished Portraits to Treasure Forever

Whether it be a studio session or location photo-shoot I love capturing portraits, creating images which reveal the individuality and personality of my subject with a click of the shutter!

There are two things which are important to me when I am doing portraiture – making sure my subject is relaxed so that they can help me create a beautiful look for them, and good lighting to make your photo look great!!

I am fairly relaxed during shoots – sometimes they are planned to a certain theme or look and other times we just go with the flow and create some magic while having a good laugh along the way!!

There’s nothing better than working to create a beautiful photograph – ‘Capturing Memories to Last a Lifetime’ and I am always privileged to play an important role for my many clients who come to me looking for a photograph to remember – it the best job in the world to me!!

If you would like more information on my portraiture sessions I would love to hear from you!!

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The best portraits come when clients are relaxed and having fun! Every face is unique but in most cases the approach is the same. The most important part of a portrait is the eyes! If the eyes are alive I’m ready to press the shutter!

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